David Luning knew at a young age the path his life should take. Throughout generations, troubadours and singers have harnessed the cultural landscape and passed it along, with the likes of John Prine and Townes Van Zandt paving the way with the telling of their stories. Following in those footsteps, the 29-year-old Sonoma County singer/songwriter's new record is the product of a massive turn in his life and taps into that cultural archive. Listening to ‘Souvenirs’ by John Prine, was a cornerstone moment, compelling Luning to leave Berklee College and follow in the tradition of these iconic troubadours. Luning's new 12-song record 'Restless', released on Blue Rose Music, explores ideas of love, acceptance, and real life with a heartfelt universality. While much of the album is up-tempo and exuberant, it is both an evolution sonically and emotionally with David's unique voice adding rich depth. The release date is set for February 3, 2017.

"Restless" Record Release Concert • Mystic Theatre • February 14, 2017


ALBUM: February 3, 2017