*180 gram Blue Vinyl* Gwyneth Moreland "Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors"

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*180 gram Blue Vinyl* Gwyneth Moreland "Ceilings, Floors, and Open Doors"


Ceilings Floors and Open Doors has a tricky task to pull off. On the one hand, like so many confessional, lo-fi singer/songwriter albums these days, the record finds California singer/songwriter Gwyneth Moreland avoiding the bells and whistles that comes with much of today’s recording software. Ceilings is stripped-down to the most basic level recording-wise; at times, tinges of lo-fi buzz can be heard seeping into Moreland’s acoustic guitar-driven musings. On the other hand, so many lo-fi albums use that austere type of recording as a gimmick, obscuring whatever unique thing an artist might have to say in favor of sounding “authentic”. Fortunately, the latter folly is nowhere to be found on Ceilings, as Moreland uses a lo-fi sonic to enhance her voice and her songwriting, not to obfuscate them. The result is a singer/songwriter LP with the warmth and intimacy of a small house show. 

Track Listing:

  1. Slaughterhouse Gulch

  2. Camera

  3. Jumping Joan

  4. I'm So Lonesome

  5. Leaving Day

  6. The Fog

  7. As The Crow Flies

  8. That Lucky Old Sun

  9. Little Black Flies

  10. Send Me Back Home

  11. Pine Box Sailor

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