ALBUM: April 28, 2017

The Dead Sailor Girls combine shimmering harmonies, melodic bass-lines, urban, distorted guitar tinged with primordial blues, and a wild rock heartbeat to create a sound that is an imaginative sea of influences: Psychedelic flights of fancy, shamanic desire songs, echoes of the Velvet Underground, Joy Division, the Shangri-La's, Scottish ghost songs,  whale cries, and jelly fish tentacles of love -- a sound that we have christened "Psycho-Jelly" . That is our genre. We live in San Francisco, where the sea sings and the fog is full of mystery. Tales of sailors, pirates of old, mermaids and wanderers inform the lyrics and melodies of our songs. Our members are: songwriter Julietta Hay on guitar and vocals, Evie Rucker on vocals, Ned Doherty on bass, and John Stuart on drums. Our songs are stories you can dance to, like swimming in your dreams. The release date set for their new album "Rolling Sea" is April 28, 2017.